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Ten Household Items That Sell Well on eBay

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Are you looking for things to sell on eBay? You may not have to look any further than your own house! Many sellers have gotten started selling household items that were previously just sitting around taking up space. And once you've sold some of your own items and gotten a feel for what works, you can start hitting garage sales and picking up more items to sell.

There are lots of household items that have great selling potential on eBay. Here are ten of the best, in no particular order:

1. Antiques - This is a pretty broad category, but if you are knowledgeable about antiques you can use that to your advantage. Many types of antique furniture and home décor are in demand. If you're not sure about the origins or value of your older items, you can find information online, at the library, or from your local antique dealer.

2. Collectibles - If you are a collector, you probably have a great deal of knowledge about the things you collect. You may even have found some of your pieces on eBay. Collectors are often willing to pay top dollar for items that are missing from their collections, so it is possible to make a great deal of money selling collectibles.

3. Small Appliances - Do you have a fancy blender that you never use tucked away in your cabinet? Chances are there's an eBay buyer out there who would love to have it. Small appliances that are in good condition are hot sellers.

4. Books - Book lovers often search eBay for out of print or limited edition books. You can get more money out of books that are in good condition, but those in fair condition often sell at lower prices. Consider selling book series together, or offering reduced shipping to customers who buy more than one book to cut shipping costs.

5. Tools - There are lots of tools that sell well on eBay. Power tools are quite popular, but there is quite a market for quality hand tools as well. Specialty tools are also good sellers.

6. Musical Instruments - If you have any musical instruments or accessories sitting around gathering dust, eBay is a great place to get some cash for them. Vintage or signed instruments often bring great prices, but any instrument in good condition is worth listing.

7. Computer Hardware - Printers, scanners, laptops, and PCs that are in good working condition are in demand on eBay. If you have replaced all or part of your system, you might be able to unload your old hardware by auction.

8. Sporting Goods - eBay is a great place to get rid of unused sporting goods. Some popular items in this category include golf clubs, fishing poles and reels, snowboards, and hunting equipment.

9. Toys - Some toys sell well on eBay. The best bets are older or rare toys that you can't find at your local discount store. Train sets, Star Wars toys, and vintage Barbie dolls are hot sellers.

10. Kitchen Items - Dishes and pots and pans often bring good prices on eBay. They may be difficult to pack and ship safely and efficiently, however, so be sure to do a trial run before listing them and charge enough to cover the shipping.

Charles C. Boustany

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